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24 Nov 2010 update:

It is with a heavy heart that I have made the difficult decision not to renew the business licence and liability insurance for ecoDomestica reDesign. There has not been sufficient demand for my services to keep going. (It doesn’t help that I suck at marketing myself.) I will be taking a sabbatical to spend more time creating slow-design products, take a few courses, and figure out what the future holds after this transition.

Past clients and collaborators: I have truly loved working with you. I hope I can serve you again in the future, in another capacity.

Services we previously offered are still listed below for the curious.

Custom Product and Furnishing Design and Creation Service:

Do you need a special finishing touch for your home or event? Our custom product designs are heavily influenced by slow-design and cradle-to-cradle principles, and use locally-sourced, upcycled, reclaimed, and eco-friendly materials. Anything we cannot fabricate ourselves is created in collaboration with talented local artisans. Our recent design work includes pendant lamps for Lucid Lifestyle organic clothing boutique and The Collective restaurant in New York City, and table centrepieces displaying tree seedling favours for an event held by Enbridge Pipelines.

ecoDomestica’s Green reDesign Package:

The greenest design is the one that uses what you already have!

As a Certified Redesign and Staging SpecialistTM, Deborah has unique training in space planning and creating vignettes using your existing furniture, to create comfortable, functional, inviting rooms. Using your favourite artwork, the colours and textures you love most, and objects that have sentimental attachments and personal meaning, Deborah gives your room a finished look that’s a unique expression of your personal style.

Since you don’t need to buy anything new, and the process typically takes a few hours per room, ecoDomestica’s Green reDesign service is a low-cost, small-footprint alternative to traditional interior design that’s easy on both the planet and your pocketbook.

(If you choose, Deborah also provides her recommendations for paint colours and a shopping list of any items that could improve your room’s design and function.)

For more information on reDesign, please read Deborah’s article, What the heck is “redesign”? on the ecoDomestica blog.

ecoHome Makeover Package:

Did you know that improving our homes is the quickest and cheapest way to reduce our impact on climate change and other environmental issues?  Did you know that products we have in our homes – from paint, carpets, and upholstery to cleaners, air fresheners, and candles – can contribute to allergies, asthma, and other illnesses by putting unnecessary chemicals into the air and dust?

Deborah is passionate about sustainable living, and this one-day makeover service allows her to share her knowledge of healthy, environmentally-friendly alternatives to conventional products and practices, and refer her clients to great green Edmonton businesses and organizations.

The ecoHome Makeover package includes an evaluation of your home for air quality and energy efficiency issues, optional replacement of incandescent bulbs, water-inefficient fixtures, offgassing plastics, and conventional cleaning products, and suggestions for healthy, sustainable solutions that are affordable now or can be phased in. As part of the ecoHome Makeover service, Deborah also provides guidance on ways to further reduce your environmental footprint, ranging from composting, to kicking the bottled water habit, to making the switch to organic foods and personal care products.

Sustainable Staging:

Staging, a specialized form of reDesign, has revolutionized the real estate industry by maximizing homes’ appeal and potential, drawing attention to selling features, and helping buyers to imagine the home as their own, so that homes are shown at their absolute best. Sustainable staging brings the green revolution to the real estate resale market by adding environmental issues to the criteria used in choosing products.

Why choose sustainable staging before you sell? Your realtor will gain a significant marketing advantage to help you sell your home faster and for a better price. You’ll become educated on how to make your home and lifestyle more environmentally friendly, and carry that knowledge with you to your new home. Finally, the buyers will benefit from a detailed list of the environmental, health, and fiscal advantages of their new home and recommendations for further improvements they can make after the sale.

For more information on Sustainable Staging, please read Deborah’s article for stagers, “Sustainability and Staging: an Introduction and Sustainable Staging Checklist” on the ecoDomestica blog. (Deborah is thrilled that this article is now being used by Val Sharp, CRDA Founder and Redesign instructor, in the training of her CRDA colleagues, and has been reprinted in HomeStagersTODAY, the online publication of the British Academy of Home Stagers.)

Colour and decor consultations:

Many psychological studies have confirmed that the colours and materials that we use to adorn ourselves and our rooms have an enormous impact on how we feel and how we use a space. Is builders’ beige making you feel blah? Do you need a little professional advice to help you stretch your decorating dollar?

Tap into Deborah’s creative skills and sustainable design training on an hourly basis, and she’ll help you choose the perfect colours, materials, fixtures, and furniture for your home. Deborah specializes in the selection of green products and materials, 0-VOC paints and clay plasters, and lighting and furniture from trusted sustainable sources to give you the healthy, green home of your dreams. (Deborah also consults for other interior decorators as a sustainable products and materials specialist.)

Sourcing and personal shopping:

Deborah’s sourcing and shopping services take the confusion out of finding the perfect – and perfectly sustainable – finishing touches for your home. With the flood of new products now reaching market, distinguishing the truly green from the merely greenwashed is harder than ever. With a green design specialist shopping with you, or for you, you’ll ensure that your money (and time) is spent wisely and avoid costly mistakes. Deborah’s policy is to pass any professional discounts on to her clients.

Gift Certificates:

A gift certificate from ecoDomestica reDesign is a thoughtful and unique gift for any occasion and any stage of life.

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